Omega Watches – Do Refinished Dials Reduce the Value of Your Investment?

Omega Watches – Do Refinished Dials Reduce the Value of Your Investment?


A dial is, arguably, an important visible function of a watch. Regardless of the excellence of the motion or its timekeeping qualities, if the dial is badly discoloured or flaking it makes the watch look sub-standard, drained or worn out and definitely diminishes its worth.

Typically Collectors are postpone by flaking and badly discoloured dials on in any other case fairly authentic Omega Constellations. Many draw back from such watches due to the overall assumption that moisture is the first reason for dial disintegration. The speculation goes, that badly discoloured dials present a superb outward clue of a presumably rusty motion and are finest prevented.

There’s one other doable reason for dial discolouration that behoves the canny purchaser to look extra intently at watches with discoloured dials.

Solar injury is one other reason for paint failure and solar can mimic water injury to the dial paint in lots of circumstances.

A wonderful motion with no water injury can lay under, and one of these paint failure, whereas not good for collectors of authentic watches, is an excellent candidate for restoration. Nonetheless, even seasoned patrons should be cautious when shopping for watches with badly deteriorated dials – it is advisable to decide very rigorously whether or not the watch dial is broken from solar or moisture.

So, the very first thing that must be completed when chancing upon an Omega with a badly discoloured dial is look beneath the bonnet with a jewellers loup. A clear, rust free motion is definitely recognized, and if the seals on the case have held up nicely, there will probably be no tell-tale rust recognizing on the non-copperised components of the motion and no corrosion of the case, significantly on the caseback seam.

If the motion has stood up nicely to the weather and historical past or use, you could have a alternative: Purchase and restore (or have restored) or proceed in your journey to discover a classic Omega with an authentic dial. In the event you take the restoration route, you can have the watch despatched to Omega in Bienne, look forward to fairly some time, and in the end obtain the watch again with a brand new manufacturing facility dial.

Within the case of Pie Pan Constellations, nevertheless, it is believed that Omega has run out of manufacturing facility dials and can change outdated Pie Pan dials with convex Constellation dials from the identical interval. Given the rising probability of not having the ability to supply an authentic Pie Pan dial, you might select to go for a re-dial.

So should you select to re-dial, what are you letting your self in for? In the event you can supply a superb re-dialler – they’re few and much between – then a dial refinished to look precisely like an authentic will certainly make a watch look rather more engaging.

However, from the standpoint of gathering authentic Omegas it might not enhance the worth of the watch – there’s an exception and we’ll evaluate that later. From a classic collectors perspective, a refinished dial diminishes the worth of a watch when put next with a watch with an authentic intact dial which will have a pleasant patina.

Why is that this? Properly, usually, refinished dials aren’t of the identical high quality because the manufacturing facility originals. Many refinished dials do not final as lengthy and aren’t as sturdy as authentic dials. Manufacturing unit dials could have baked-on, anodised and different manufacturing finishes resembling clear coatings masking each the dial and markers to inhibit the ageing course of.

Refinished dials are sometimes painted, have ink stamped script and are completed to a decrease degree of high quality and sturdiness. They could mark extra simply and infrequently don’t comprise the extent of element of the originals.

Additionally, many authentic dials have the markers soldered to the dial, whereas in fairly plenty of refinished dials I’ve seen, the markers have been glued again slightly than soldered (for the apparent motive that the soldering course of might injury the paint on a re-dial) On events the glue is so thick on the again of the dial that it interferes with the working of the watch, significantly with date fashions.

A foul re-dial with inaccurate detailing can have the worth of your watch dropping faster than a souffle positioned in a fridge! It is honest to say that there are numerous extra slap-dash, incompetent and inferior refinishing homes than there are prime quality re-dialers. So, should you probability upon one, deal with him like royalty.

Now, to the exception talked about earlier. Due to the globalisation of the classic watch market and accessibility of inventory, many extra individuals have the chance to purchase Omega watches. A brand new area of interest has emerged within the classic watch marketplace for classic watches that look nearly showroom new. This market is pushed, largely, by newcomers. I can attest to that from a steady circulation of emails from such people, and, to them, ‘look’ is essential and ‘patina’ and originality is usually neglected. These patrons can pay huge cash for look and wearability, so you will notice on events fairly excessive costs being paid for watches with refinished dials.

I think about although that fairly plenty of newcomers to gathering, in the event that they’re severe, will in the end develop a better degree of gathering sophistication and turn into within the finer factors of element, originality, richness of patina and different collectibility components.

Due to the diminsihing provide of new-old-stock Omega dials, significantly Pie Pan Constellations and different early fashions, re-dialing will more and more turn into a reality of life. By no means-the-less, from a long-term collectibility standpoint, re-dialling ought to be an possibility when you haven’t any different choices.

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